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The bond of marriage is one that is in need of consistent continual safeguarding to give it the strength to withstand the pressures that come with the territory. The battle begins with the words “I do” and seldom lets up. The problem for most marriages, they do not realize the need to protect the union until it is unraveling at the seams, and the realization of the urgent need to save the marriage often leaves one or both persons in anxious despair.

The question many ask themselves ‘How Do I Save My Marriage’, well the typical demise of a marriage is not one monumental event that thrusts the marriage into desperation, most marriages that get to the point where they are in critical need to be repaired get there by a slow decaying process. Now that you are in a place of wanting to fix your marriage, you need to move forward knowing that hard work, dedication, and a continued choice to love will be required – from this moment forward until death do you part.

As mentioned above, the decaying process of a marriage is like a slow erosion of little insignificant occurrences that result in two very broken people holding pieces of broken hearts. It may be impossible to see any hope of marital bliss in the future, but there can be and it begins with a choice both parties need to make a choice to choose to love the other person.

Most marriages fall apart because people are caught up in the feeling of the love emotion, but over time, that emotion will be put to the test as all the trials of marriage begin to way heavy on it. To save your marriage, it is important to understand that love is a choice and making that continual choice is often hard.

Choosing to love means loving someone when they are at their absolute worst and most unlovable – even if everything they do contradicts what a healthy relationship looks like. Once both parties make that choice, it solidifies the beginning of hope. Marriages are not a 50/50 partnership. People go through peaks and valleys in their lives where they may require more or less physical and emotional help. For a marriage, the result of that may look like 80/20 or 60/40 and sometimes, 100/0.

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Saving your marriage can be accomplished by consistent and constant communication of each other’s emotional needs is critical and a commitment to embrace each other’s needs is equally important. When emotional needs are not being met, that slow erosion process begins.

Emotional needs vary for each person – what satisfies one person, may be irrelevant to another but by understanding the needs of your partner, you are equipping yourself to be the best person to meet their needs. Most marriages show signs of strain by year six or seven and then you may need to find yourself in a sexless marriage.

By then, most couples have children, you focus on getting the romance back, life schedules are hectic and professional and financial pressures put insurmountable pressures on the couple – the perfect storm. There is evidence of a monotonous yet exhausting routine that has removed all romance and sexual impulse leaves a couple bitter towards one another, and resentful.

However, these are the times that the couple must work harder to meet each other’s needs. You may not be able to meet all of their needs, but you have to be focused and committed to meeting a few of your partner’s needs. When your partner’s needs are being met, you will see a positive change and in return, they too will begin putting forth effort to meet your needs as well.

Couples need to understand that rebuilding the marriage will take time – after all it took years of subtle decay to develop the erosion of your marriage, you can only expect that it will take a significant amount of time and effort to rebuild the marriage back to wholeness.

Many couples, however, want to check out because they feel that there is too much hurt between them – however, marriages are like building a house, you would not tear the entire house down after years of deterioration, you would repair the areas that need to be renovated and preserve the other areas with care. That is how a marriage is; recognize the areas, the emotional needs that are not being met, and begin rebuilding slowly. The rebuilding process is long. Recommit to each other to journey the road together, for better or worse.