Jan 13

The Woman Men Adore

This e-book is written by Bob Grant ‘The Relationship Doctor’. He’s been a successful Licensed Professional Counselor, therapist, and relationship coach for over 20 years. If any of the below apply to you, then I strongly suggest you go and visit the site and discover more.

a single woman who wants to attract the right man — or add romance to your dating life

 a woman who dates frequently, but finds it hard to sustain a relationship with a man

 a woman who wants to be married but can’t seem to persuade the man in your life to pop the question

a married woman who wants to spark the fire within your marriage and enjoy deeper intimacy with your husband

The Women Men Adore

A confident woman is more attractive to a man, than most physically beautiful women are because they exemplify a security about them – there are not any of those insecurities that plague most women and affect the relationship.  A confident woman radiates an inward comfort with herself, tells a man that she is rationale, strong, and feels good about herself.  If a woman feels good about herself, she will be confident in the relationship and will not yield petty jealousies or other trivial relationship busters.  A confident woman makes it difficult for a man to walk away from or leave.

Although we live in a society where more and more woman are feminist and becoming independent and career oriented – which are great qualities, however, too much of that can scare a man away.  While a man can admire and appreciate an independent woman, many men find that sweetness and softness of a woman endearing and desirable.  If self-sufficient women can maintain a sense of softness and sensitivity, it is a very attractive combination.  This does not mean a man will perceive her as weak but there is a sense of vulnerability that makes a man feel needed and wanted when women display this characteristic.

Women with a fun and energetic personality make it easy for a man to become addicted to being around.  A man wants to be able to have fun with a woman and a woman that is overly serious may not be able to unwind and have that good time they desire.  They want to know that they can go out and have a relaxed and entertaining time without an intensity that removes all easiness.  When a woman can lower her guard and allow some of life’s pressures to be put aside, she can have that fun time that men like to have and in return, the man is more drawn to her.   A lighthearted woman is a woman a man will always want to be around – it is a quality that a man adores.

Men and women are extremely different creatures and while there are many physical similarities, the emotional differences are so complicated, one may wonder if they should be in the same species.  Because women are so complex, it often leaves men bewildered at the way a woman responds or handles herself in situations.  Women are anything but easy to understand – because they are made up of countless hormones, their actions and reactions may be erratic and even volatile at times.

But this genetic structure of women is not a justification for the behaviors; women need to continually work at their character to become the undeniable beautiful creatures they were intended to be.  Moodiness is an unattractive characteristic in many women that make it difficult for men to wrap their arms around.  Women need to keep their emotions in moods in check and evaluate circumstances to identify whether or not their attitudes are justified.

Lastly, while most men do not partake in the superficialities that society tells us they do, it is still important to attempt to be your best and look your best for your partner.  By nature, men are visual creatures, and making yourself easy on their eyes goes a long way for a man and shows them you care about their opinions of you and want to be the best for them.

Men are not nearly as complex creatures as women are and when a man is in love, he will adore his woman completely.  However taking these extra steps to solidify a man’s affections towards you will only make you the woman he adores and never wants to leave, and after all, isn’t that what women really want?